« ETATS LIMITES » , Galery Rocío Santa Cruz – Barcelone – 15 SEPT – 12 NOV

Exposition « États limites »

Galery Rocío Santa Cruz – Barcelone

15.09.2022 — 12.11.2022


With États limites (*) Jean Denant alludes to the organization of those territories that, being imagined or real, nourish each other, highlighting the porous fragility of borders, be they psychological, geographical or political. Borders that are essentially turning points where flows change direction, social constructions – fences, passports, maps… – that are not meant to prevent things from moving, but act as symbols of movement itself. Denant returns to architecture and its materials (cement, brick, stone) to bring us closer to those enclaves, in which the exchanges function as a metaphor of the poetics that emerges out of the concrete and heads towards the symbolic, navigating between subjectivity and that which is common to us.